About Us

DK Interior Architecture, provides appropriate solutions to clients, aiming multifunctionality of the architectural space with consideration for its structural and aesthetical requirements.

İç Mimar Dilek Karaman

Interior Architect Dilek Karaman

For DK Interior Architecture, designing and forming defined environments with defined functionalities for each individual to improve the quality of life and comfort is the main principle.

Interior Architect Dilek Karaman  puts the process of creating the interior spaces into practice from early stages, to the end of implementation with a professional team. DK detects the size and usage of particular objects in line with the acquired data, executes original formats. DK solves and organizes the pre-designed functionalities for already constructed interior spaces or those with old features and requires new intended purposes, considering lifestyle and behavior of each individual.

DK Interior Architecture brings fresh and affordable solutions to organize the interior spaces, using material and technological developments to design spaces and their fittings.

Interior Architect Dilek Karaman detects interior spaces of historical buildings and units (furniture, construction elements) and renovates. Thereby, being part of uplifting traditional art and spreading our culture is part of our business.

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